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It just got a whole lot easier for Councils to purchase Paveline machines through Local Government contracts!!  Our Local Government contracts now include Local Government Procurement, Local Buy, WALGA and the newly formed National Procurement Network where the "Preferred Supplier" contract eliminates spending thousands of dollars on advertising.  Paveline can give you what you want the quick and efficient way of Local Government Contracts.  No need for the expensive tendering process!

Paveline - making your road maintenence choice easy! 


National Procurement Network: Contract BUS 198-0410 - Supply Trucks, Vans and Omnibuses to Local Government.

Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania, South Australia and Northern Territory Local Government - Local Government Procurement and Local Buy have combined to form the National Procurement Network so you can now purchase your Paveline equipment the convenient way via the National Procurement Network.  We are able to supply trucks without the need for the tendering process.  All the hard work is done for Council! No tenders - just contact us and Paveline can supply.  Paveline joined the National Procurement Network  "Preferred Supplier" arrangement for three years from 1 October 2010 to 30 September 2013 with an option to extend the term of the contract.  For further details contact us on 9589-5888!

Local Government Procurement


Local Government Procurement Contract: T7.07-2 - Heavy Plant and Equipment

The Heavy Plant and Equipment arrangement aims to provide New South Wales Councils with a more efficient and cost effective process to purchase Heavy Plant and Equipment, accessories, consumables and servicing arrangements with the potential for cost savings by aggregating spend in the market.  Paveline became the "Preferred Supplier" with Local Government Procurement in May 2010, and now provides a streamlined process through which New South Wales Councils can procure their Road Maintenance Machines thereby reducing the procurement cost for local government and attain competitive pricing based on the total combined purchasing influence of New South Wales Local Government.  For further information visit


Local Buy Contracts: BUS 212-0511- Supply of Road & Bridge Making Equipment, and BUS 213-0511 - Supply of Earth Moving & Material Handling Equipment, to Local Government.

Queensland and South Australian Councils - Purchase your Paveline equipment the convenient way via Local Buy.  Local Buy's core business is the creation of contractual arrangements for goods and services that are used by Queensland and South Australian Councils, aggregating the demand for these goods and services to achieve better pricing and conditions, and eliminating the need for councils to establish their own supply contracts.  Paveline joined Local Buy "Preferred Supplier" register back in August 2008 with BUS189-0309 (this has now been superceded by BUS212-0511).

Find out more - visit Click on Pre-Qualified Suppliers - Tendered and Quotation Arrangements


Western Australia Local Government Association (WALGA) Contract TPS0815 - Preferred Supplier contract for Provision of Trucks and Associated Equipment to Local Government in Western Australia.

Western Australia Councils - Road maintenance equipment can be purchased just as conveniently with the Western Australian Local Government Association (WALGA),  The WA Local Government Association lobbies and negotiates on behalf of the 141 Local Governments in Western Australia.  As the peak lobbying and advocacy organisation, they have a strong influence on how policy decisions are made that affect the sector.   Paveline became the WALGA "Preferred Supplier" for the Provision of Trucks and Associated Equipment (Contract TPS0815) in January 2009.


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