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One man operated patching machine for pothole patching at up to 4m3 per hour - the first built in Australia for Australian conditions!

Tack Coater

The demand for Tack Coaters is rapidly changing as more companies opt for environmentally friendly options of emulsion spraying.

Multi Purpose Maintenance Unit

Have the ability to do any type of road work with Paveline's Muliti Purpose Maintenence Unit.

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 Bitumen Emulsion Spraying

Stand alone spray modules can turn any ute, trailer or truck into a patching or sealing unit in minutes!!

 Rear Discharge Patching

When confined space or a difficult site prevents you using an automated machine, the Paveline Scorpion, with a real sting in its tail, is the answer.


The Paveline Cogen - features a unique discharge system that will take the shovel out of asphalt patching!

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