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IMMIS - Load Cells (Intelligent Mass Management Integration System)

  • Prevents overload by providing visual signals to the loader driver as material is being loaded.
  • Records the amount of aggregate loaded (tonnes).
  • Records the amount of emulsion loaded (litres).
  • Displays quantities used (both aggregate and emulsion) for each job.
  • Displays quantities remaining (both aggregate and emulsion).
IMMIS Light Off IMMIS Light On
LOADING - Red Light Flashing OVERLOAD - Red Light On

How does it work ?

  • Separate sets of load cells continually weigh both the hopper and the emulsion vessel.
  • On delivery the unit is fitted out with all items required for use, including signs, hand tools, full fuel tank, water, personal protection equipment etc.  The unit is then weighed along with three crew providing the tare weight for both front and rear.
  • Using a password protected screen, these values are entered into the IQAN unit which then calculates the weight distribution and sets the alarm points.

In operation, one red LED light is fitted above the emulsion filling station in clear view of the loader driver.  Detailed information such as emulsion weight, aggregate weight and remaining payload are displayed in the cab.

SLOW FLASH - The red light slowly flashing indicates the remaining payload is less than 400kg.

QUICK FLASH - The red light quickly flashing indicates the remaining payload is less than 200kg signalling the hopper is full and ready to go.

SOLID LIGHT - The red light on indicates gross mass has been exceeded.

IMMIS - managing what matters - managing individual components of the load

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