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Heated Spray Tips


Another innovation from Paveline International - "Self Cleaning Emulsion Spray Tips"

  • No messy cleaning
  • No kerosene needed
  • Environmentally friendly (No EPA worries!)


Hot Shots are specially designed electric heated spray tips, intended to heat the emulsion spray tip to 70 deg.C. One of the problems during cold weather, where the bitumen emulsion build up can alter the spray pattern and cause stripping, cleaning the edge of the spray tips is required.  By using Paveline Hot Shots at this temperature any residual bitumen falls off the tips. Hot Shots are an option on all new Paveline Autopatch machines and can be retro-fitted via a field kit.  For further information please contact Richard Howling or Steven Floyd at Paveline International Pty Ltd 02 9589 5888 or

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