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Bitumen Emulsion Spraying

Bitumen Emulsion Sprayers

Paveline International is pleased to provide the most versatile bitumen emulsion spray system available.  With no moving parts except for the hose reel, the module eliminates engine, compressor and pump maintenance.  It is always ready to go!

Paveline can design a module to suit your exact requirements.

Stand alone spray modules can turn any ute, trailer or truck into a patching or sealing unit in minutes!!  The truck tow bar is then available for towing rollers, etc.

The unit is fitted into a lifting frame which protects all fittings and has integrated lifting and lashing points.  The unit is normally charged via the truck's wet tank and brake priority valve, but can also be fitted with an independent electric compressor or small Honda powered Pilot compressor.  The unit is vertically mounted.

The heavy duty hose reel comes complete with 10 metres of wire braided HP hose, however, has the capacity to take 20 metres should it be required.

Stand Alone Spray Module  

Paveline's Transportable Emulsion Vessels are certified to Australian Standards AS1210 Class 2B.  Paveline has Portable Stand Alone Units, Under Truck Body Mounted, Trailer Mounted Units and Skid Mounted Units ranging in sizes with complete packages from 100 litres through to 7,000 litres.  Trailer units can be fully enclosed as the photos below show.

2000 ltr Fully Enclosed Trailer 400 ltr Trailer Mounted Unit 1000 ltr Fully Enclosed Trailer
Fully enclosed trailer mounted bitumen emulsion sprayer can be loaded, transported and sprayed by the one compact, easy to use unit. Includes compressor, 2 x heavy duty retractable hose reel & hand lance, fully enclosed spray bar with cab controlled master switch, 100 ltr transportable water pressure vessel & enclosed front locker. Fully enclosed system with standard eight (8) tip spray bar (2400mm) with slide out extension (1500mm) for maximum coverage.


1000 ltr Skid Mounted Under Body Chassis  3000 ltr Skid Mounted
This system includes high pressure air purge system, 10 metre hose reel with hand lance and 8 x tip spray bar to suit 2150mm width trailer plus master apply switch. Under body chassis mounted units allow any truck in the fleet to convert into a tack coater, patcher or sealer on demand for emergency work or after hours.  Spray bar fully enclosed and fitted with 8 x individually air actuated spray tips plus 1 x removable extension for a 2700mm spray width.  In-cab selection of individual tips plus master apply switch.


  • Paveline's self cleaning emulsion sprayers are always ready for action.
  • For the bigger jobs 2,000 litre units let you tackle any task.
  • Optional 240 volt overnight heating available.



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