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With this latest attachment to the rear of the blower patching unit paving from 300mm to 2400mm can be carried out in seconds and in one pass. The AutoPave can repair longitudinal depressions up to 75mm in depth creating a fully compacted, level surface with no loose stones and ready to drive on. 
  • A world first developed in Australia by Paveline
  • Has revolutionised road shoulder maintenance and ride control
  • 10 times faster than any blower machine
AutoPave uses a new process known as - Deep lift Micro-coated Paving
Micro-coated paving works on the same principle as blower patching, where the aim is to coat approximately 80% of the aggregate’s surface with a very light coat of emulsion as the aggregate is blown into the patch. The impact of the stone is used to compact the patch from the bottom up. The emulsion acts like a lubricant to allow the stone to interlock with minimal voids. As the emulsion coating is very thin, it breaks readily to form a secure patch.
Road edge 1 Road edge 2 Road edge 3

Subsided road shoulder with failed pavement. Average lift required 50mm, width 1200mm.

Road edge after using the AutoBroom to clean area prior to AutoPave.

AutoPave is capable of edge break repairs as well as repairing longitudinal depression faults of up to 70mm deep in a single pass.

AutoPave in action 1 

AutoPave in action 2

 AutoPave in action 3

AutoPave in action

 AutoPave in action


 AutoPave in action

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