Paveline is dedicated to maximizing safety, comfort, and functional convenience for equipment operators. This why the equipment it supplies is either designed or modified to meet local safety standards while at the same time optimising ergonomics.

For example, in terms of blower patching equipment, a major noticeable difference between the Autopatch and other manufacturers is the front mounted boom.  Paveline started "single operator" patching with several front bumper mounted units as far back as 1989, however, our insurers advised when the patching boom was extended in operation there was a risk of a piercing / penetration type accident at occupant level for other road users. 

As a result Paveline discontinued the bumper height boom and developed the "over cab" unit which allows us to address previous concerns with both dynamic and passive safety features.

 The "over cab" boom is:

  • a high visibility boom with a safety beacon positioned at its extreme, visible above surrounding traffic.
  • fully "collapsible on impact" that does not present any forward projecting arms or beams at occupant level of surrounding traffic, and has been tested and certified by RTA certified test engineer Alan F. Nicholson MIEAust; CPEng. Ref No. 5646.
  • designed in such a way that it does not present a solid structure when in the closed position and does not impede the driver's view.

The over cab boom is mounted in the same manner as a truck crane - behind the cab - the load is applied to the chassis correctly (as per all truck manufacturers recommendations).  Since the nature of patching is stop/start, this negates any chance of twisting the chassis when patching with the boom extended to the side.

In addition, the use of cold mix bitumen emulsion by Paveline equipment, as opposed to traditional cutback bitumen, means that operators are not working in the kinds of high temperature environments that expose them to a variety of safety hazards, such as burns and explosions. Nor are they exposed to the fumes and odors that are released from the solvent, and which have been known to cause nausea.

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